Site Analysis The first step in working out a good working landscape design is preparing a Plot Plan. Once the Plot Plan has been created, the next step is doing a Site Analysis.

A Site Analysis is just taking a little time to study your landscape site or property and analyze the basic features found there. Think of it as a brief description of your property, listing it’s assets and liabilities by area, as well as environmental factors that may effect a final design (i.e. sun angle, wind direction, pleasant views, unpleasant views)

A Site Analysis helps understand unique problems associated with the property and how they can be best used to create a functional and enjoyable outdoor living space.

Place some tracing paper over the plot plan that was created in the previous step. You can then use this tracing sheet for your Site Analysis and incorporate your assets and liabilities list to visually identify the areas being described.
Landscape Services

We desire to assist you in your design endeavors and strive to offer the highest quality products in order to give you the best value!

SS Landscape and Designing provides landscape maintenance to take care of your outdoor needs throughout the year. This service is offered both residentially and commercially. We also provide residential and commercial landscape construction to create spectacular and inspiring gardens, patios and water features. Our dedicated staff is able to construct any project you desire or help you design a landscape distinctly to your needs.
Land Maintenance

Make your work more effective by choosing suitable plants and providing appropriate care. The results will be stunning.

* Establishing & Caring for Plants
* Grasses, Ground Covers & Lawn Care
* Pesticides, Beneficial Insects
* Soil, Fertilizer & Nutrients
* Tools, Equipment & Safety
* Watering & Irrigation
Landscape Consulting

With most landscape consulting companies, you must schedule a time to meet landscape consultants at your home, they design your landscape and then try and sell the design and service to you. With SS Landscape and Designing, you only purchase what you need and that are ideas that are given after careful consideration of the pictures that you send to us. With SS Landscape and Designing you receive thoughtful design consideration concerning your property.